Mobile Ideas is a series of meetings aimed at taking the idea of OperaLab, a think tank for culture, further. In the course of discussion panels and workshops, culture managers, sociologists, artists, designers, and business representatives will share their experiences and debate the present and the future of contemporary art and city, and the possibilities of their development through innovative artistic programmes. The programme of Mobile Ideas reflects OperaLab’s research objectives. It brings together the artistic community, the academia, and business in the belief that the strength of contemporary culture lies in its interdisciplinary character and openness to dialogue, while adopting a wide perspective and progressive thinking translate into effective actions.

This intellectual space for culture is the first initiative of this kind in Poland. 

Agendas of meetings


Mobilne idee. Dla kultury (Mobile Ideas. For Culture) on TMBLR is a platform devoted to innovations in in culture institutions around the world. As a part of OperaLab, a think-tank for culure, it was devised help identify and analyse modern methods of maganing culture institutions. The content referes to current trends in communication, branding, and new technologies. They show how you can manage change, model content, or design experiences. The daily updates will help you follow the latest developments in economics, sociology, management, anthropology, business, art, architecture, and urban planning. This multidisciplinary perspective addresses the need for combining different competences to plan effective strategies for modern culture institutions to grow.