Adam Myjak

17 December 2022 – 12 March 2023

Adam Myjak’s new figuration is a great starting point for the new season at the Opera Gallery. The painter juxtaposes the world of private emotions and the essence of humanity – also explored in the Polish National Opera’s new productions of Peter Grimes and Maria de Buenos Aires – with an attempt to find a language that would describe the reality as it is, without any sugar-coating or glossing over. He is seerching for a language that would render the world in a representational but not realistic way, taking account of the immateriality of our mental processes. Asked if contemporary art was done with beauty, the artist said that beauty had always been present in art in some form or another, regardless of the time period, and his explorations were a major manifestation of that. What does it mean for us in this day and age? In an era often accused of undermining it, beauty is more often found in the drama of everyday experience, rather than a kitschy landscape scene. It is epitomised in the dignity of a suffering person or human decency shown in light of another’s tragedy. The faces and figures of Myjak’s subjects reflect our deeply harboured anxieties and fears – or the reasons why we pine for contact with art. Overly expressive, deformed, yet far from abstract, they reflect the complexity of human nature and our internal baggage, from the tribulations of our existence to the glory of rare moments of ecstasy and rapture.

A sculpture from the series Human Landscape, 2017, stainless steel

Organised by

Opera Gallery


17 December 2022 – 12 March 2023




Opening hours:

Tuesday–Saturday, noon–6 p.m.
Sunday, noon–5 p.m.

Enter through the left wing of the opera house. The entry fee (1 Polish zloty) is payable at the Box Office in the main lobby of the opera house.

The catalogue and children’s book published in conjunction with the exhibition may also be bought at the Box Office, subject to availability. 

Ticket holders are admitted without a charge for an hour before every performance and during intermissions.