Pągowski at the Opera

18 December 2017–24 January 2018

Painter. Drawer. Author of thousands of drawings, hundreds of portraits, dozens of book covers, illustrations, several set designs, scripts and murals. Primarily a poster designer, with approximately thirteen hundred posters constituting his oeuvre, including theatre, opera, concert, but most of all film posters. His works remind us of the best times of the Polish School of Posters. It taught him its fundamental principles that make a poster into a well-thought-out work of art born from an artist’s individual vision and in-depth knowledge of the subject. A work, which prompts one to reflection, constitutes a starting point for discussion, tempts one with its mystery, and most of all, invites interpretation by avoiding literal meaning. A work, which makes one stop in one’s stride, makes one think, is an intellectual allusion. He never takes up a commission unless he has dug deep into the work to which he is to refer, unless he understands what it is about, unless he fully comprehends the author’s vision, unless he is absolutely certain that he will do it justice. The proof of that is, for example, the great confidence Krzysztof Kieślowski had in him, whom the artist never tired of asking about the reason, the idea, the message. Only after an intense process of understanding them, after having all his questions answered, having seen the work through the prism of his own perception, would he start creating. And it is still the case today. In addition, the artist approaches each new commission “afresh” – as if he were creating for the very first time. By employing the indispensable filter of his sensitivity and life experience, he weaves a separate tale, trying not to saturate it with too much of himself. He insinuates, provokes, suggests… He opens the door behind which lurks meaning and message ever so slightly, yet he never opens it wide.

Organised by

Opera Gallery


18 December 2017–24 January 2018

The exhibition is open from Monday to Wednesday, 10am-6pm and for an hour before every performance and during intermissions. Free admission.


Redutowe Rooms, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera