Teresa Pągowska

10 May 2018– 30 June 2018

‘Hello? Who’s there?’

‘Hello. This is purpose, experience, intuition, emotion…’

‘This is mind and hand speaking. One at a time, please! But what is this regarding?’

‘It’s a little about art, even more so about message, but most of all about truth…’

Teresa Pągowska always carries on that eternal dialogue with herself. And it always prompts a certain fear. Will that, which is immaterial, undefined, born in her artistic consciousness gain the approval of the faculties that grant it shape and expression? And that recognition and mutual understanding is necessary for the creation of an artwork. The artist writes a memoir through her art. It is her confession. By her art she raises awareness, shares her experience, yet she does not attempt to explain. She encodes, distorts and disfigures her emotionally as she transfers it onto canvass, which in turn makes us think. She shows her ankle – but not her thigh. She is the most important viewer of her own art. She loses herself in a love affair with her canvass. She protects their shared intimacy. She knows that it will see daylight, but even so – it will still remain unknown, a mystery. And once it is understood – it will achieve its goal. According to Pągowska the quintessence of femininity lies in that, which is left unspoken, enigmatic – a secret sum of sensations, inner emotions, experience. This is what constitutes a woman. Hence the blurred shapes, as carnality is here a less important value, it remains imaginary. Movement, dance, writhing, unnatural positions, twisting extremities – frequently appearing in her art – all come from within. Sometimes an error finds its way to the canvas. However, it gains the artist’s approval. She believes that there must have been a reason for it to appear. The error creates intrigue, anxiety – it enriches and causes the image to gain power of expression. Pągowska’s art is the essence of sincerity. When she burns out, she does not continue in what is familiar and established. She reaches for the new. But both the old and the new is saturated with her personality. With purpose, experience, emotion and truth. Truth about herself. About Teresa Pągowska.



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10 May 2018–30 June 2018


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