Tomasz Ciecierski

16 November 2017–13 January 2018

Almost everyone knows the feeling wherein after a long and dark winter, while opening the windows or going outside, one senses that something has changed. The air tastes, smells and feels different. It is filled with a kind of promise. And something shifts, the springtime is coming… Ciecierski embodies that sense of springtime and always brings joy. He always returns with something new, fresh, and at the same time familiar – because, after all, bearing the marks of his preceding art. And so he hopes that even though he loathes repetition and mannerisms, which makes him disappear and re-enter with something new, his cycles coming from different periods of his creative life do not lose their common denominator. So much so that an art enthusiast will recognize his hand, regardless of the technique, materials, forms and themes he employs. He is an exceptional painter, even though it has been a long time since he used a brush. He paints with all of himself, from his own, imperfect photographs – because those are the ones he likes best. From postcards, snippets of his wife’s architectural magazines, calendar cards he currently creates relief compositions. He also uses his earlier paintings or their most successful fragments. And the fact that he does not paint these days does not necessarily mean he will not begin to do so again. It is very likely that the collages that were originally inspired by painting will soon become an inspiration for painting. Who is Ciecierski? An exceptional artist. Outstanding. One of a kind. Painter, sketch artist, amateur photographer, self-portrait artist, landscape artist. Documentalist, traveller, ‘principal cataloguer’ of the painting studio. He treats the world of art with striking boyishness. He evaluates it with his characteristic sincerity. And as a boy he quickly becomes bored, only to become excited by something new moments later, aquire new techniques, technologies, create again. He cuts things out, glues them together, composes. Tomasz Ciecierski is friends with art and finds joy in it. And art likes Ciecierski back. And even through he walks away from it from time to time – he always comes back. And it always takes him back. Gives itself over to him. It belongs to him.

Tomasz Ciecierski, ‘Untitled’, 2017, oil on canvas, 43 x 39 x 6 cm

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16 November 2017–13 January 2018


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