OperaVision is a joint initiative of 30 opera houses from 18 countries across Europe working together under the editorial supervision of Opera Europa, the European association of opera companies and festivals.


OperaVision is a joint initiative of 30 opera houses from 18 countries across Europe working together under the editorial supervision of Opera Europa, the European association of opera companies and festivals. The goal of the project is to disseminate European operatic works through modern communication technologies. 

The platform will enable viewers to watch live streams and on-demand recordings of operas staged by contributing companies, as well as behind-the-scenes materials, teasers, trailers, as well as works of related genres, such as operettas, dance performances, musicals, and concerts. 

With its wealth of stories, articles and videos for aspiring artists, OperaVision is also an interesting and pleasant-to-use resource that matches the needs and preferences of today’s users.  

OperaVision is the first initiative of this caliber, offering easy and free access to opera for all, regardless of the place of residence or social status. 

With new media enabling global reach, OperaVision effectively promotes European culture across the world, which is in line with the objectives of the European Day of Cultural Heritage 2018. 

Becoming a contributing company, the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera has received a new tool to propagate Polish art to international audiences.

Part-financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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