Inspired by the Far East

16 September 2016–31 December 2016

Costume designed by K. Frycz for a production of 'Mr Wu'Inspired by the Far East presents a wealth of references to Japan and China in Polish culture, especially dramatic arts. 

The main theme are works directly influenced by the Orient: Madama ButterflyThe NightingaleTurandotMr Wu, and Tai-Yang budzi się. The posters, bills, photographs costume and set designs presented will give the visitor a taste of the visual and literary inspirations involved. The costumes in particular highlight the otherness, strangeness and exotic beauty of the Orient on one hand and Polish artists’ openness, receptiveness and eagerness to implant elements of East Asian culture in Europe.      

Artists’ travels to the Far East are another theme of the exhibition. Visitors may follow traced the journeys of prominent Polish stage designer of the 1920s and 1930s, Karol Frycz who travelled to Japan and China and theatre expert Bohdan Korzeniewski who visited the Middle Kingdom. The exhibition also showcases the fruits of their expeditions.

Also on display are memorabilia associated with the ‘Tajka Kiwa’ puppet: posters, programmes, press cuttings and a presentation focusing on the career of Japanese opera singer Teiko Kiwa in Poland and the historically significant circumstances surrounding the creation of the puppet in Warsaw.



Organised by

Theatre Museum, Warsaw

Open for viewing

16 September–31 December 2016


Northern Rooms, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera


Open from Thursday to Saturday, 10 am–5 pm. Enter through the pre-sales box offices hall. Holders of theatre tickets will be admitted an hour before the show and during intermissions.