Olbiński. Posters

17 October – 22 November 2016

A painter by choice, an architect by education. If he’d realized his childhood dream, he would have been an actor. However, regardless of the reserves of acting talent that may be lying dormant within him, it’s impossible to imagine just how impoverished we would have been if he had deprived us of his paintings. He is also an illustrator and poster artist. He has painted thousands of posters for concerts and for theatre and opera productions. He has produced posters for festivals, competitions, important anniversaries. He has illustrated books, topics covered by the press as well as designing record covers. He is inseparably linked to opera, portraying the heroes and heroines of dramas unfolding on stage. He prefers to paint women: dressed, naked, half-naked, modest, provocative, pensive, melancholy, happy, sad, hopeful and resigned. Each of them carries a story, a mystery. Their bodies are beautiful, slim, they have the proportions of models, but Olbiński puts all that is the quintessence of femininity into their eyes. The women emerging from under his hand are all different. His Salome looks at us one way, Carmen another, Elektra doesn’t look at us at all… He learns about the women from the libretto, visualizes them in his imagination, and then they materialize in his work. A complete collection of the artist’s posters created to date can be found in the recently published picture album Passion for Posters.


Open for viewing

17 October – 22 November 2016


Redutowe Rooms, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera