Volunteering projects

  • Press conferences and open rehearsals

    As volunteers we take an active part in the organisation of press conferences, galas, open dress rehearsals, and other events. 

  • Creative teams

    The Promotion and Information Centre cooperates closely with the opera house’s Marketing Department. We help with any day-to-day business and contribute our ideas on the promotion of new productions. 

  • Tours

    Becasue we know every nook and cranny of the Teatr Wielki, we help to show groups of visitors round the opera house.  

  • Musical Matinées

    Volunteers are actively involved in the organisation of Musical Matinées, that is educational events for the youngest music lovers. 

  • Holidays, festivals, big dates

    We organise events for families with children to celebrate holidays, festivals, and big dates in the history of the Teatr Wielki, such as the anniversary of the opera house’s rebuilt after World War II, World Theatre Day, or Children’s Day.