Fairy tale, where are you?


Musical fairy tale
Music and libretto: Paulina Zajkowska
World premiere: 3 January 2016, Warsaw

  • Part 1

    70 min.

  • Intermission

    20 min.

  • Part 2

    45 min.

Duration: 2h15 min.

  • ‘I’m so rich in lettuce leaves…,’ sings the friendly Vegetarian Dragon, a huge favourite with all the audience. ‘My belly’s not fat – thanks to cabbage,’ young and old hum as they leave the theatre after a performance. It started like this: one day some children wanted to hear a story. But what can you do when no one has the time to tell one, or feels like it? Even worse: no one even has any idea what kind of story to tell. Does this mean fairy tales are gone, that there’s no room for them in our world? The children don’t want to believe it; they refuse to give up and, with a gentleman they meet in the park, set off in search of that fascinating, wondrous fairy tale they long for. They’re in for an extraordinary journey across magical lands, where they’ll encounter characters straight from fairy tales, but… kind of different. It’s an expedition filled with surprises, on which they set off without hesitation, with a courage they’re able to give out to those who are unsure and unwilling. How does the story end? Who gains more from it: the children who have a chance to find the fairy tale they want, or the adults who don’t really want to believe it exists? One thing is certain: Fairy Tale, Where Are You? will bring lots of joy and thrills to all parents, grandparents, aunties… and their young charges, transporting them – if only for a moment – into the magical world of imagination and theatre that’s so different from their busy daily lives.

  • Performances
    • 12:00

    • 12:00

    • 12:00

    • 12:00

  • Credits
    Directing, space arrangement, costumes, movement
    Beata Redo-Dobber
    Chorus Master
    Danuta Chmurska
    Director and Lighting Designer
    Maciej Igielski
    Music arrangement
    Dominik Chmurski
    Natalia Dobber