Fairy tale, where are you?


Musical fairy tale
Music and libretto: Paulina Zajkowska
World premiere: 3 January 2016, Warsaw

  • Part 1

    70 min.

  • Intermission

    20 min.

  • Part 2

    45 min.

Duration: 2h15 min.

  • Children moving beautifully across the stage happen upon a bench, and on it, or rather right next to it, there is a man. The man turns out to be a Narrator, while the children are categorically looking for a fairy tale – one with princesses, knights, dragons and assorted fairy-tale properties. The Narrator is convinced to deliver, yet Knight Bashful from, shall we say, Chicken Stronghold, is not so easily persuaded to act all knightly. The Knight in question devotes himself to avoiding danger. He does not fight dragons. He does not save princesses – he is a pacifist. Naturally, a dragon makes an appearance, but a different kind of dragon – a gardening one with a chorus of vegetables. And there are princesses, too! And Gienek and Zenek! The best productions for the youngest audience members keep both children and adults amused. While the little ones are engrossed in the story, adults can look for Easter eggs. For instance, poor Princess Uglina wears a mask. The mask protects the world from her looks, but also keeps the princess protected from the world’s germs. And thus the Musical Fairy Tale allows us to look for details and play along. Both kids and adults are winners in this story!

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    • 12:00

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  • Credits
    Directing, space arrangement, costumes, movement
    Beata Redo-Dobber
    Chorus Master
    Danuta Chmurska
    Director and Lighting Designer
    Maciej Igielski
    Music arrangement
    Dominik Chmurski
    Natalia Dobber