Carmina Burana
(Blink of An Eye)

  • 1h10 min.

    (no intermission)


BMW Art Club

Scenic cantata in three parts
World Premiere: 8 June 1937, Städtische Bühnen, Frankfurt
Premiere of this production: 21 November 2019, Polish National Opera, Teatr Wielki, Warsaw
In the original Latin with Polish surtitles
Performed by the consent of Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG
A licence to stage the work was issued by the ZAiKS Society of Authors

  • ‘The extraordinary power encapsulated in Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, one of the more recognisable pieces of classical music worldwide, touches the imagination of the audience is a straightforward and open manner from the first listen. Combined with an almost contemporary score, the medieval phrases and texts communicate a universal message about the laws of this world that apply to the mighty and small, those at the beginning of their life and those who are near their end. Orff thought in music, in words, and in theatre. The sense of his works is inscribed in overlapping dimensions,’ wrote Waldemar Dąbrowski, general manager of the Polish National Opera.

    The unique musical show Carmina Burana (Blink of An Eye) was created for the opera house’s technologically advanced stage as part of BMW Art Club. BMW Art Club inspires cooperation between the finest art institutions and artists and arranges cultural events where art meets advanced technologies and reflection on the future. In 2019 Boris Kudlička, prominent stage designer and collaborator on Mariusz Treliński’s successful opera stagings, became the artistic director of the second edition of BMW Art Club. The show was given its debut in November 2019 under the baton of Lorenzo Passerini, Italian conductor of the young generation.


    Stanisław Kuflyuk – baritone 

    Joanna Moskowicz – soprano

    Kacper Szelążek – countertenor

    Chorus and Orchestra of the Polish National Opera 

    Władysław Skoraczewski Artos Children’s Choir

    Lorenzo Passerini – conductor 

  • Performances
  • Cast
    Anna Simińska
    Adam Kutny
    Anna Simińska
    Adam Kutny
    Anna Simińska
    Adam Kutny
  • Credits
    Lorenzo Passerini
    Visual concept
    Boris Kudlička
    Dramaturgy cooperation
    Krzysztof Knurek
    Video Projections
    Bartek Macias
    Lighting Designer
    Marc Heinz
    Lighting Designer
    Bogumił Palewicz
    Consultation on the intepretation, text analysis and script
    Jarosław Mikołajewski
    Chorus Master
    Mirosław Janowski
    Children’s Choir Master
    Danuta Chmurska
    BMW Art Club Project curator
    Stach Szabłowski