Safety Measures

To make your visit as comfortable as possible:

  • 100% fresh, filtered air form the outdoors is delivered non-stop to the auditorium, foyer and front of house spaces. The cleanliness of the filters is monitored continually.
  • Our capacity is currently reduced to 30%. The limit does not apply to holders of Covid certificates (see more information below).
  • All audience members must submit a health declaration before attending an event. Holders of opera, ballet and concert tickets may submit their health declarations online not earlier than 48 hours before the curtain-up. You may also complete the health declaration form in hardcopy and return it to one of the drop boxes set up by the ticket check. 
  • Audience members attending educational events, workshops, or exhibitions must complete their health declarations in hardcopy and return them to one of the drop boxes set up by the ticket check.
  • The front of house is disinfected frequently. All doorhandles and handrails are regularly cleaned with antiviral agents. 
  • PPE vending machine selling single and multiple use masks, gloves and disinfectant has been placed in the Box Office lobby. 
  • Apart from standard hygiene products, all toilets for the visitors are fitted with elbow-press hand sanitiser dispensers.

The 30% capacity limit does not apply to persons who will present one of the four documents when entering the opera house:

  • EU digital Covid certificate
  • proof of Covid vaccination
  • proof of negative Covid test showing that you have taken a NAAT or rapid antigen test included on the common and updated list of Covid-19 rapid antigen tests that are considered appropriate for use based on Council Recommendation of 20 January  2021, conducted by trained healthcare personnel or other trained operators in the Member State that issued the certificate. The certificate has to state the kind of test used, its date, and result. The test is valid for 24 hours.
  • proof of recovery showing that you have recovered after being previously infected with Covid-19 as confirmed by a positive NAAT result conducted by trained healthcare personnel or other trained operators.

You will have to present one of the four documents if you have bought a ticket for Covid certificate holders.

We kindly ask you to:

  • Arrive early, preferably 45 minutes before the curtain-up. 
  • Have your face mask with you: you must cover your mouth and nose at all times while at the theatre. 
  • Sanitise your hands after entering the building: you will find a contactless sanitiser dispenser in the Box Office lobby.
  • Practice social distancing: keep space of at least 1.5 metres between yourself and others.
  • Take the allocated seat and follow the instructions of the Audience Services,
  • Follow The SARS-CoV-2 Safety Measures for Audience Members in place at the Polish National Opera, Teatr Wielki, Warsaw

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