10th Days of Dance

Polish National Ballet

10th Days of Dance

Marking the centenary of the recovery of Poland’s independence, our annual dance festival (17 November–1 December) will focus exclusively in the latest developments in Polish ballet. 

Dominating the programme of the 10th Days of Dance are productions of the Polish National Ballet, including its freshly premiered Chopin-themed double bill, Notre Chopin which consists of Liam Scarlett’s choreography to Piano Concerto in E minor and Krzysztof Pastor’s ballet version of Piano Concerto in F minor. The success of the bill is another proof that Chopin music can still inspire contemporary choreographers. 

grupa tancerzy na scenie

Apart from Notre Chopin (17, 18, 20, 21 November), the festival will welcome a selection of pieces danced to Polish music. Kraków-based Cracovia Danza will present new versions of well-known Polish ballets  choreographed by Leszek Rembowski: Wedding at Ojców with music by Karol Kurpiński and Józef Damse as well as Karol Szymanowski’s Harnasie (23 November). The Polish Dance Theatre of Poznań will show Polka, an original piece directed by Igor Gorzkowski and choreographed by Iwona Pasińska to music by Zbigniew Kozub (25 November). Finally, the Polish National Ballet will revisit Darkness, a recent piece by Izadora Weiss danced to music by Vivaldi, Bach, Glass, and Amar (29, 30 November and 1 December). (pch)

grupa tancerzy na scenie

Pictured: The Polish National Ballet led by Yuka Ebihara and Vladimir Yaroshenko in Concerto in F minor by Krzysztof Pastor (top) and Concerto in E minor by Liam Scarlett (bottom). Photo: Ewa Krasucka