13th Days of Dance: Poznań ballet company to perform BER on Sunday


13th Days of Dance: Poznań ballet company to perform BER on Sunday

The 13th Days of Dance are underway at the Polish National Opera. On Sunday, 20 November, the Ballet of the Poznań Opera House will take to our stage to perform BER. A Ballet Triple Bill.

Three choreographers, three visions of movement, three takes on our times, and just one question: what is dance?

B is for Bondara – Polish choreographer quickly gaining prominence on the dance scene, whose choreographies are shown at leading festivals in Poland and abroad. E is for Ekman – an international star of present-day choreography who has collaborated with more than forty companies around the world. R is for Rimeikis – the most accomplished choreographer of the young generation in Lithuania.

The triple bill includes Take Me With You by Robert Bondara, Episode 31 by Alexander Ekman, and Blind Words by Martynas Rimeikis. The programme was given its debut on 14 December 2020 at the Poznań Opera House


Held in collaboration with the National Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw as part of the 2020 Choreographic Commissions programme.

Supported by the Covid-19 Relief Fund.