Chinara Alizade has danced in Vilnius and Minsk


Chinara Alizade has danced in Vilnius and Minsk

The Polish National Ballet’s first soloist, Chinara Alizade has returned from her guest performances in Vilnius, Lithuania and Minsk, Belarus. 

Pictured: Soloist Chinara Alizade onstage in a Spanish costume holding a fan in her raised arm.On 30 March our artist gave a guest performance at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Vilnius, dancing in a traditional version of Don Quixote as staged by Russia’s Vasily Medvedev. Partnering her was a leading soloist of the Vilnius theatre, Gennady Zhukovsky. Soon afterwards, on 3 April, Chinara Alizade graced the stage of the National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus to perform as part of a jubilee concert held by a private ballet school of the Belarusian star, Marina Vezhnovec. Ms Alizade danced a pas de deux from Vasily Wainonen’s ballet Flames of Paris together with a first soloist of the Minsk ballet company, Japan’s Takatoshi Machiyama. (pch)

Pictured: Chinara Alizade in Don Quixote, photo by Ewa Krasucka