Competition scores

Moniuszko Competition

Competition scores

It is possible to check the scores of the 9th International Stanisław Moniuszko Vocal Competition.

The right to learn the scores, including individual scores awarded by each juror, lies with every particiapant. Please contact the Competition Office at for details.

It should also be noted that in line with the Jury’s rules of procedure, the jurors were not able to evaluate the performance of their student. The term ‘student’ should be understand to mean any participant of the Competition who:
– is currently a student of the Juror;
– has been the Juror’s regular student through an educational institution or as part of private tutoring for more than one year since the end of the previous edition of the Competition;
– took private lessons with the Juror after 1 January 2015;
– is the Juror’s spouse or has an emotional relationship with the Juror;
– is the Juror’s blood relative in the direct line of descent or up to the fourth degree of consanguinity, or if direct or secondary affinity exists between the Juror and the participant.

A participant who took part in a masterclass led by a Juror is not considered to be the Juror’s student.