First press conference of 2013 Moniuszko Competition

Moniuszko Competition

First press conference of 2013 Moniuszko Competition

On 4 October the first press conference of the upcoming 2013 Moniuszko Competition was held.

In attendance were Aleksandra Kurzak, the president of the Competition, Beata Klatka, the Competition’s director, as well as two jurors: Izabella Kłosińska and Andrzej Dobber. The conference was led by Aleksander Laskowski.

‘We are not only looking for good voices. We are waiting for interesting personalities,’ – said Andrzej Dobber, while Aleksandra Kurzak underlined the importance of the Competition for the promotion of Polish culture. ‘The problem is, we don’t know how to promote our own music in Poland. The competition isn’t only an attempt to promote Stanislaw Moniuszko, rather a way of promoting Polish art. Polish music is often more esteemed abroad than in our country. I don’t understand why it looks this way,’ she wondered.