Gerard Wilk: A Dancer


Gerard Wilk: A Dancer

This Monday, 23 September, at 6 p.m., the Teatr Wielki will host an author event with Zofia Rudnicka, the author of Gerard Wilk’s biography.   

plansza z tekstem i fotografią książkiChoreographer and dancer Zofia Rudnicka walks a memory lane to reminisce about her personal friend and stage partner Gerard Wilk and his world. She takes her readers on a tour of the most fashionable spots in Warsaw of the 1960s, introduces them to the people who mattered, and takes them on a trip across Europe, to Brussels and Paris. She invites his family, friends, and collaborators to share their memories of the dancer. She also talks to his loves, visits his last partner, and presents unique photographs. 

The author event will be held on 23 September at 6 p.m. in the downstairs foyer of the Polish National Opera. It will be hosted by Maciej Ulewicz. Maria Pakulnis will read out fragments of the book.

Wilk was a star of the Teatr Wielki, Warsaw as well as dancing on entertainment TV shows. He appeared in films by Andrzej Wajda and Stanisław Bareja, and occasionally worked as a fashion model for Barbara Hoff. Adored by women and men, he left Poland at the pinnacle of his career to scale the balletic Olympus and join Maurice Béart’s company. Together with the Ballet of the 20th Century he toured the world over. One of the most brilliant Polish dancers in history, Gerard Will had it all: looks, talent, recognition and fame. 

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