Krzysztof Pastor’s „Romeo and Juilet” at the Joffrey Ballet

Polish National Ballet

Krzysztof Pastor’s „Romeo and Juilet” at the Joffrey Ballet

The Polish National Ballet’s director is finalizing work in Chicago on the U.S. premiere of his choreographic version of Sergei Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

The famous Joffrey Ballet invited Krzysztof Pastor to work with them after the success of his show’s world premiere produced by the Scottish Ballet (2008). Not long before, the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera had planned its own premiere of Pastor’s ballet performed by the Polish National Ballet, which means that our Romeo and Juliet opened almost two months before the U.S. premiere. This enabled the two companies to collaborate on their productions: the Chicago show will take advantage of our costumes and elements of scenery designed by Tatyana van Walsum. The Joffrey Ballet has also received permission to use Ewa Krasucka’s photographs from the Warsaw production to promote their own premiere

The U.S. premiere of Krzysztof Pastor’s choreography will take place at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago on 30 April 2014, performed by the Joffrey Ballet in conjunction with the Chicago Philharmonic. A series of 10 performances are planned, presented daily up to 11 May. It is worth adding that also this season, the Scottish Ballet has revived its production of Pastor’s ballet. They are presenting it from 19 April until 24 May 2014 in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, at Sadler’s Wells in London and at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh. Remembering the seven performances here in March, one might risk saying that starting with Warsaw, through theatres in the UK, then all the way to Chicago, a kind of festival of our choreographer’s Romeo and Juliet is taking place in spring 2014. The Warsaw production of Krzysztof Pastor’s ballet returns to the Teatr Wielki stage this September and October.