Our operations under Covid-19 ‘red zone’ restrictions


Our operations under Covid-19 ‘red zone’ restrictions

New rules applying to indoor cultural events following the introduction of tougher Covid-19 restrictions across Poland.  

Following a decision of the Council of Ministers of Poland, as of Saturday, 17 October 2020, Warsaw is placed in the Covid-19 ‘red zone’ where communities must follow stricter sanitary restrictions. The Polish National Opera, Teatr Wielki, Warsaw is prepared to operate in the new sanitary regime. 

According to the existing regulations, indoor cultural events may be held in the red zone provided that the venue’s seating capacity is reduced to 25%.

The available seats will be allocated to ticket holders based on when they bought their ticket(s), starting from the earliest date.  

Ticket holders who bought their ticket(s) online will be contacted by our Ticket Service by e-mail or phone. 

Ticket holders who bought their ticket(s) at the physical Box Office are kindly asked to contact the Ticket Service at + 48 22 826 50 19, +48 22 692 02 08, +48 22 692 02 10 (weekdays: 11 am–7 pm). 

We ask for your patience. The Ticket Service will contact you in due time.

Ticket holders who will not be allocated a seat are eligible for a refund:

More on our Covid-19 Safety Measures

When visiting the opera house, we kindly ask you to:

• Arrive early, preferably 45 minutes before the curtain-up. 

• Have your face mask or shield with you: you must cover your mouth and nose at all times while at the theatre. 

• Sanitise your hands after entering the building: you will find a contactless sanitiser dispenser in the Box Office lobby.

• Practice social distancing: keep space of at least 1.5 metres between yourself and others.

Take the allocated seat and follow the instructions of the Audience Services 

• Follow The SARS-CoV-2 Safety Measures for Audience Members in place at the Polish National Opera, Teatr Wielki, Warsaw

To be admitted to the event every audience member must submit a health declaration. Please consider submitting your health declaration online. This way you will save time and will not have to fill out the declaration when entering the opera house.

PLEASE NOTE: Holders of tickets for Werther on 10, 14, 16 October and Halka on 11 October can submit their declarations IN HARDCOPY ONLY. Please arrive to the opera house earlier.