Picnic by the Opera


Picnic by the Opera

We are announcing the 2017/18 season on 13 May, during our Picnic By the Opera.

The poster features a green lawn in the shape of the circle on a white background with the inscription 'Picnic By the Opera' running across the imageOn 13 May the Tear Wielki will be holding its second open-air event for whole families, marking the European Opera Days this way.  

Lasting from the noon until 9 pm on Teatraly Square, the Picnic By the Opera offers an abundance of attractions for the younger and older ones. It is a chance to see our performances on the big screen, meet artists and writers, listen to open-air concerts, see the backstage of the opera house, buy theatre costumes, playbills, publications. Children will undoubtedly enjoy the ballet lessons and art classes in our play area. The event will be hosted Piotr Polk and Zbigniew Zamachowski.

Visitors will also have a change to see Opera Gallery’s new exhibition of theatre headwear Theatre: It’s All On Our Heads before it officially opens.

The event will culminate with the announcement of the Wielki’s new season, first time during an open-air event!  

Tickets and subscription packages will go on sale in June:

– on 1 June we will release packages for current subscribers

– on 8 June – packages for all operagoers  

– on 19 June – tickets to individual performances