Polish Dance Theatre in Warsaw


Polish Dance Theatre in Warsaw

27 June is the only chance to see Lament. In memory of Tadeusz Różewicz by the Polish Dance Theatre in Warsaw, at the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera. 

Lament. In memory of Tadeusz Różewicz; photo: Maciej ZakrzewskiUnder the many years of her leadership, the Polish Dance Theatre (PTT) has achieved world-class stature. Her pieces are commended by all who appreciate contemporary dance and theatre. Today, prominent Poznań-based choreographer Ewa Wycichowska bids farewell to the PTT, summarising her work with the company in Lament. In memory of Tadeusz Różewicz. The piece references the poet’s collection Mother Departs, using it as a dramaturgic frame. Lament… explores pain, suffering and processing trauma to induce a deeply moving discussion that goes far beyond art.

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27 June, 7 pm, Młynarski Hall, Click to Buy A Ticket