St Nicolas Day at the opera

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St Nicolas Day at the opera

The Teatr Wielki never forgets about the little music lovers! 6 December, St Nicolas Day, will see the launch of our latest children’s book Matylda w operze – po drugiej stronie arii (Matilda at the opera: the wonderland of the aria).

Everybody who comes to the Redutowe Rooms will have a chance to meet the book’s authors, both debuting as fairy tale writers, Professor Ewa Łętowska and Krzysztof Pawłowski. 

As the foreword reads:’Those who fall in love opera, either on the first or on a subsequent visit, will always came back. Opera is full of magic which apeals both to adults and children. The idea that opera is for adults only and there is nothing in it for children is pure fiction. Opera is for everybody who has retained their childlike openness to beauty and sound. It’s for those who shiver with excitement at the look of scenery, movement on stage, and the harmonious interlingwach of music and singing. Opera is for children – those who have already grown up and those who still have some growing-up to do.’  

The event is open to children aged 7 and more. 
Admission free!

The number of participants is limited. To secure a place, please register beforehand. Send us an e-mail to with the names of children and adults eager to take part in the event.

place: Redutowe Rooms
date: 6 December 2015
time: 4 pm 
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