The music of noh theatre


The music of noh theatre

What does Japanese theatre sound like? Find out for yourself! 

Jakub Karpoluk and Naoya ToriyamaWhile the exhibition Actors, Puppets and the Play of Shadows: Theatre in China and Japan is still available for viewing at Teatr Wielki’s Nothern Rooms, you may want to sample traditional music of Japanese noh theatre (hayashikata). Come to a meeting at the Teatr Wielki and listen to a recital and talk by Naoya Toriyama, a kotsuzumi drum player. 

What is more, master Toriyama along with Jakub Karpoluk and Yoko Fujii Karpoluk will peform fragments of two nō plays: Semimaru (Blind Semimaru) and Takasago (Firs of Takasago). The audience will be invited to participate in a kotsuzumi workshop.

Come to Redutowe Rooms on 2 October at 2 pm and get more to know about Japanese theatre. Tickets at 1 zł are available from the box office.

Pictured: Jakub Karpoluk and Naoya Toriyama