Emilia Stachurska



Białystok, Poland


  • Roman Turczynowicz State Ballet School, Warsaw, Poland (1996–2005)

Important teachrs

Danuta Biernacka, Hanna Chojnacka, Teresa Memches, Ewa Głowacka


  • Ballet of the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera, Warsaw, 2005–2009 as Dancer 
  • Polish National Ballet, Warsaw, from 2009 as Dancer, from 2010 as Coryphée, from 2014 as Soloist



  • With the Polish National Ballet
    • Fairy of Gold in The Sleeping Beauty (trad. / Yori Grigorovich)
    • Little Red Riding Hood in The Sleeping Beauty (trad. / Yori Grigorovich)
    • Second Air in In Light and Shadow (Krzysztof Pastor)
    • Fryderyk’s Sister in Chopin, the Romantic Artist (Patrice Bart)
    • Pas d’action in La Bayadère (trad. / Natalia Makarova)
    • Contemporary Seraphim in Six Wings of Angels (creation, Jacek Przybyłowicz)
    • Duet 2 in Century Rolls (creation, Ashley Page)
    • Chinese Dance in The Nutcracker (Toer van Schayk & Wayne Eagling)
    • Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (John Neumeier)
    • Seven Maidens in Red in Le Sacre du printemps (Vaslav Nijinski / Millicent Hodson)
    • Fairy Autumn in Cinderella (Frederick Ashton)
    • 1st Juliet’s Friend in Romeo and Juliet (Krzysztof Pastor)
    • Duet 4 in Adagio & Scherzo (creation, Krzysztof Pastor)
    • Piccili in Don Quixote (trad. / Alexei Fadeyechev)
    • Four Dryads in Don Quixote (trad. / Alexei Fadeyechev) 
    • Duet 4 & Trio in Nevermore…? (Robert Bondara)
    • Woman in The Green Table (Kurt Jooss) 
    • Young Girl in The Green Table (Kurt Jooss)
    • Louise & Greek Dance in The Nutcracker (Toer van Schayk & Wayne Eagling)
    • Mme Binetti in Casanova in Warsaw (Krzysztof Pastor)
    • Pas de six in The Taming of the Shrew (John Cranko)
    • Snowflake-Soloist in The Nutcracker (Toer van Schayk & Wayne Eagling)
    • Lady in Hamlet (Jacek Tyski)
    • Trio 2. in The Tempest (Krzysztof Pastor)
    • Woman in Returning Waves (Emil Wesołowski)
    • Shade-Soloist 1 in La Bayadère (trad. / Natalia Makarova)
    • Her in Persona (Robert Bondara)
    • Woman in Bolero (Krzysztof Pastor)
    • Soloist 2 in Chopiniana (Mikhail Fokine / Alexei Fadeyechev)
    • Soloist in Chroma (Wayne McGregor)
    • Grand Pas – Variation 2 in Don Quixote (trad. / Alexei Fadeyechev)
    • Olga Preobrajenska in Swan Lake (creation, with new libretto, Krzysztof Pastor)
    • Fairy of the Courage in The Sleeping Beauty (trad. / Yuri Grigorovich)
    • Four Swans in Swan Lake (with new libretto, Krzysztof Pastor, scene after Lev Ivanov)
    • Woman in Les Noces (Bronislava Nijinska / Howard Sayette)
    • Soloist in Infra (Wayne McGregor)
    • Podstolina in Sarmatian Parable (Conrad Drzewiecki / Emil Wesołowski)
    • Zulmée in Le Corsaire (trad. / Manuel Legris)
    • Mitzi Caspar in Mayerling (Kenneth MacMillan)
    • Empress Elisabeth in Mayerling (Kenneth MacMillan)
    • Duet 2. in Exodus (creation, Anna Hop)
    • Female Vampire 1. in Dracula (Krzysztof Pastor)


    • 2003: Third Prize at the 13th Polish Dance Competition (senior girls), Gdańsk
    • 2005: First Senior Prize at the 14th Polish Dance Competition (senior girls), Gdańsk 
    • 2005: The Best Graduate of Polish Ballet Schools, Szczecin