Stanisław Moniuszko

Opera in four acts
Libretto: Jan Chęciński
World premiere: 28 September 1865, Teatr Wielki, Warsaw
Premiere of this production: 9 February 2001
In the original Polish with English surtitles

What is the greatest thing about this opera? Is it numerous scenes shimmering with vis comica, including Skołuba’s immortal and delightfully harmonized and instrumented bass aria, or genre scenes with the immortal mazurka from Act IV? Or perhaps fragments written in all seriousness, like the emblematic Chimes Aria with its coded patriotic message (too obvious for the Russian censors not to order the opera to be taken off the Warsaw stage after just three performances)?

Luckily we don’t have to give categorical answers because The Haunted Manor, which by the way is a little flawed drama-wise (from the end of Act III all the conflicts seem to have been resolved, for which Jan Chęciński is to blame), is an unusually cohesive work in terms of style. Therefore let’s take great British opera critic John Allison’s words, written a decade ago, at face value: ‘Moniuszko’s music does not need to be a closed book – it is hard to think of a more prodigiously tuneful opera after Mozart than The Haunted Manor – but it suffers the same fate as much of the Slavonic repertory’.



Chorus and Orchestra of the Teatr Wielki  Polish National Opera
Polish National Ballet
Actors and extras


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