Amadeus Wind Ensemble

He had to start early because he only lived thirty-five years. So, he first revealed his talent as a three-year-old. At the age of eight, Wolfi had already written a symphony, and at twelve – an opera. He was adored not just by audiences but by the greatest experts in the field. Wagner described him as ‘an amazing genius’ and Haydn called him ‘the greatest composer known to me’. He was outstanding, brilliant and prolific, as proved by his almost seven hundred compositions and six children. In December, two hundred and twenty-five years will have passed since the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Amadeus Wind Ensemble was founded to commemorate this anniversary and pay tribute to the greatest composer of all time. It comprises members of one of the world’s best orchestras, the London Symphony Orchestra, and Poland’s greatest instrumentalists. They will present Mozart’s works as they originally sounded.

Conductor: Krzesimir Dębski
Special appearance: Zbigniew Zamachowski
Oboe ‒ Olivier Stankiewicz, Sebastian Aleksandrowicz
Clarinet ‒ Andrew Marriner, Thomas Lessels
Basset horn ‒ Krzysztof Grzybowski, Radosław Herdzik
Basoon ‒ Artur Kasperek, Cezary Rembisz
French horn ‒ Timothy Jones, Angela Barnes, Igor Szeligowski, Marek Michalec
Double bass ‒ Radosław Manthey


Serenade in B-flat Major ‘Gran Partita’ for 13 wind instruments
Die Entführung aus dem Serail arranged for wind ensemble


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