Gintrowski: something will survive of us after all

An unforgettable concert 

Przemysław Gintrowski, a musican, composer, bard. In one word: a legend. He fought for freedom by transcendent means: the songs he performed in deep voice discussed matters essential for the nation, the society, and each and every individual. Together with Jacek Kaczmarski and Zbigniew Łapiński, they mounted poetic programs, the best known of which remains Mury (Walls). 

The concert is a tribute to the great singer-song writer and his legacy. It will also be the first time a Przemysław Gintrowski cultural freedom award will be presented to those cultural figures who ‘guard truth and [display] a love of freedom. If you’d like to nominate a candidate for the award, please send their name to by 20 November 2016. 

Performers: Justyna Steczkowska, Ewa Błaszczyk, Kasia Kowalska, Joanna Trzepiecińska, Ola Gintrowska, Piotr and Wojciech Cugowski, Maciej Miecznikowski, Krzysztof Napiórkowski, Julia Gintrowska and the Orchestra of the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera under Piotr Staniszewski.


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