La Folle Journée de Varsovie 2016 – Nature (41)

23–25 September 2016

Sea Hall

A FRESH LOOK AT THE CLASSICS ▫ in chamber mode


Jiang Jian Hua er-hu        
Yang Baoyuan pípa (Chinese lute)

Golden Snake Dance Guzheng
Shiruku Roodo (Silk Road)
Moon Reflection in the Erquan Spring
Kong Shan Niao Yu
Sai Ma
The Charm of Heaven Mountain
Gang Chen / He Zhan Hao: Butterfly Lovers

The er-hu is a Chinese string instrument, also called ‘the Chinese violin’. Dating back more than one thousand years, it is still very popular today and plays an important role in Chinese classical orchestras and chamber ensembles. The er-hu is also popular among amateur musicians who play it solo or in duets in parks or teahouses.

duration: 50 min.

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The programme of the seventh La Folle Journée de Varsovie embraces works inspired by nature ranging from the Renaissance to our times. The event’s three days will include around sixty concerts, gathering almost a thousand performers from all over the world. Besides performances from world-famous artists, the festival offers concerts for children, appearances by young performers, and unconventional presentations of classical music.

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