Opera University for Children

Talks on opera at the opera. Educational programme for children aged 10–13

Children’s university. No laughing matter. Real semesters and lectures, a real student record book. The topic is quite serious, too: opera. But the classes are in a light format, amusing, with lots of anecdotes, attractive and accessible to kids (aged 10-13), taught by fine artists and leading specialists in their field.


Lecture 1: Recitative, aria, bel canto, or the basics of opera
Lecture 2: Why does the orchestra need a conductor? 
Lecture 3: Mozart’s birthday
Lecture 4: Choir – the atmosphere creator
Lecture 5: Dance in opera
Lecture 6: Haute Couture on stage
Lecture 7: From design to stage effect: creating scenery
Lecture 8: Moniuszko and company, or a few words about Polish opera composers
Lecture 9: Opera diva


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