Arvo Pärt, Paweł Szymański, Aldona Nawrocka / Robert Bondara

To be a man means never to be oneself, claimed Gombrowicz. These words define the path that Robert Bondara follows in his performance. This is what the choreographer says about the idea behind the project: ‘Human existance is inextricably linked to functioning within certain sociocultural norms. This makes it necessary to adjust to existing models, which allows people to avoid conflicts and gain benefits in the form of a sense of being accepted. Thus, people put on masks, trying to play different roles, adapting to the attitudes and behaviours expected of them. Jung called this phenomenon persona. The stronger it is, the greater the chasm between the way someone behaves around other people and when he or she is alone. To what extent, then are we autonomous, unique beings, and how far are we a reflection of society and other people?’.




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