Tribute to Polish ballet artists

8 October 2016

Unveiling of a sculpture: 1 Moliera St., Warsaw, 5:15 pm 

On 8 October (6 pm) a sculpture by Zbigniew Stanuch In Tribute to Polish Ballet Artists will be unveiled at 1 Moliera St. next to the Teatr Wielki, home to the Polish National Ballet, the Polish National Opera, and the National Theatre, facing the Warsaw Ballet School. Situated at this meeting place of arts, the elegant dancing figure will celebrate past and present artists of Polish ballet and highlight the importance of dance as an art that develops our sensitivity and sense of beauty. The monument is being erected on the initiative of Bożena Kociołkowska, chairwoman of Fundacja Sztuki Tańca and former first soloist of the Warsaw ballet company, in association with the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera and the Mazurkas Group.


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