About the Kingdom of Day and Night and magic instruments

An adaptation of W.A. Mozart’s Magic Flute

  • 1 h 10 min. without an intermission


Beloved by audiences in all four corners of the world, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s The Magic Flute is a beautiful tale that can teach us all that it is always worth to fight for your ideals and that generosity, honesty and courage should come before anything else in life.

Adapted for children, the story of The Flute’s characters who embark on a quest for happiness supported by some extraordinary musical instruments is performed by members of Opera Academy, the young talent development programme of the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera. The show is mostly sung in Polish, with only a few arias being performed in the original German. 

Is the Queen of the Night really evil? Is Sarastro a good ruler? Will prince Tamino manage to save his princess. Does she really need saving? Will the merry Papageno finally find himself a nice wife? One is certain: magic instruments have the power to bring joy and harmony back into this world. 

Concept and direction: Bożena Bujnicka

Directing consultant: Jitka Stokalska

Vocal coaches: Izabella Kłosińska, Eytan Pessen, Matthias Rexroth


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