Chopiniana / Bolero / Chroma

Fryderyk Chopin / Mihkail Fokine | Maurice Ravel / Krzysztof Pastor | Joby Talbot and Jack White III / Wayne McGregor

The performances on 25 and 26 November have been moved to 21 and 22 November. More information

Ballet evening in three parts

Choreography: MIKHAIL FOKINE 
Music: FRYDERYK CHOPIN / Alexander Glazunov, Maurice Keller 


Choreography: WAYNE McGREGOR 
Music: JOBY TALBOT, JACK WHITE III / Christopher Austin

Premiere: 25 November 2016

Fokine was a dancer and choreographer born in Russia in 1880, primarily known as a reformer of ballet theatre who significantly influenced the development of choreography in the twentieth century. His ballet Chopiniana (also known as Les Sylphides), however, was the artist’s nod to the great Romantic tradition of ballet. This piece opens the ballet evening at Teatr Wielki, it is here that we begin our journey through dance aesthetics and choreographic interpretations of various interpersonal relations. Along with those also the colour pallet of the ballet pieces changes: the white of airy, romantic sylphids in Mikhail Fokine’s Chopiniana gives way to the red of simple leotards in Krzysztof Pastor’s magnetic choreography of Bolero and finally to the nude costumes of Wayne McGregor’s Chroma. We have therefore three aesthetic worlds: the charm of late-Romantic ballet, Ravel’s gripping music rhymed with passionate choreography, and finally one of the masterpieces of the world’s dance avant-garde. These pieces showcase the basic directions the Polish National Ballet’s repertory choices have taken since Krzysztof Pastor took it over, at the same time providing an excellent compendium of ballet dance knowledge. It is an extraordinary evening that brings a great joy of experiencing the beauty of theatre.



Polish National Ballet
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