Creations 10

10th Choreographic Workshop
New works by emerging choreographers
Polish National Ballet

    Choreographic workshops should be an intrinsic element in the life of a ballet company which has the ambition of developing its own artistic image. Without a search for new paths, means of expression, and even a new language, ballet would be a rather uninteresting art, offering audiences neither surprises nor challenges, maybe even a dead art. A leading ballet company, apart from presenting great and familiar repertoire, should also be creative, they should seek their own unique artistic solutions, propose ballets by new choreographers, preferably from among the company itself. For choreographic talent to stand a chance of revealing itself and developing, however, certain conditions have to be in place. That’s why one of my first initiatives after taking over as director of the Polish National Ballet was to establish annual choreography workshops.

    Krzysztof Pastor


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