Delirium-Edition: Dark matter(s)

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Jeszcze Polska Muzyka: Mykietyn / Bałka / Peszat / Mart / Kociuban

  • Performance cancelled

World premiere of the multimedia concert-performance:

Delirium-Edition: Dark Matter(s)

as part of the series Jeszcze Polska Muzyka


Piotr Peszat | The Artist’s way (2017) for symphony orchestra, sampler, audio playback and video
video – Grzegorz Mart


Paweł Mykietyn | Herr Thaddäus (2017) for electronics and symphony orchestra in the space*
set design/video – Mirosław Bałka


Beethoven Academy Orchestra
Wiktor Kociuban – conductor


Łukasz Konieczny – bass
Barbara Sieroslawski – recitation

*the orchestra will be playing away from the stage, in the auditorium space

The concert will use the latest 3D Audio technology. The seats in the stalls and the amphitheatre are recommended as guaranteeing the best listening experience. 

A never-ending stream of stimuli, information, new media content, experiences. Humans nowadays face immense perception challenges. It is a limitation as well as an opportunity – an opportunity to achieve more expression through art. Responding to the needs of today’s audiences, Delirium-Edition presents a multimedia concert-performance as part of which the listener-viewer may shape the developments on stage by placing them in a context, deciding how the action will unfold. This makes every concert unique. Just like our emotions.


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