Gustaw Holoubek in memoriam

Gustaw Holoubek in memoriam

Notice: The concert starts at 8, not 6 pm. 

‘My musical sensibility – if one term it as such – is very natural, just like in any case when we are dealing with the so called ear for music, with a certain sensitivity to sounds. There are, as we know, people who see better than they hear. I think I belong to the ones who hear better than they see,’ Gustaw Holoubek used to say. Fascinated by classical order in music, full of admiration for the logic linking the form to what it contains, he particularly loved Baroque music, and above all – Johann Sebastian Bach. Even though he had little enthusiasm for contemporary music, he knew how to recognize and distinguish its value, taking part as a narrator in several world premieres.

When we were starting a series of meetings with Gustaw Holoubek’s beloved music, the fifth anniversary of his death had just passed. Today we have already celebrated the tenth, and we have yet another evening in store for us – one could say a small tradition was born in the theatre. During these chamber, intimate concerts one has a feeling that Gustaw is still with us, among his friends and guests. Filled with sensibility but also strength, he shows us how beautifully one can listen to music.


Fragments of poetry and prose by W. Szymborska, C. Miłosz, J. Słowacki, W. Gombrowicz presented by the crème de la crème of Polish dramatic artists: Maja Komorowska, Grażyna Szapołowska, Małgorzata Zajączkowska, Magdalena Zawadzka, Daniel Olbrychski, Janusz Gajos, Wojciech Malajkat, and Mikołaj Grabowski

Paweł Wakarecy will perform pieces for piano solo by J. S. Bach, J. Haydn, and F. Chopin.


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