La Folle Journée de Varsovie
La Danse

(19) Mad Musical Travels – Poland

A Journey with Tiny Johnny and the Słuchaj Uchem (Listen with your Ear) Theatre into the magical world of Polish traditional music

FOR CHILDREN aged 6–11

Kaja Prusinowska – voice, dance, tales, bird songs
Janusz Prusinowski – violin, hurdy-gurdy, button accordion, pedal accordion, cimbalom, voice
Piotr Piszczatowski – baraban, drum, dance, voice, tales
Aleksander Kwietniak – flutes, shawm, clarinet, basolia, voice
Mikołaj and Staś Prusinowski – voice, dance, clay bird whistles
Natalia Leszczyńska – host 

This is the eighth time already that La Folle Jourée is held in Warsaw. The music festival is addressed to everybody, without exception. What should you expect? Over 1000 artists and more than 50 concerts over only three days. Where? At the Teatr Wielki’s different spaces and on the Teatralny Square. The programme includes a variety of original musical pieces spanning different epochs: you will hear compositions by Chopin, Brahms, Schubert, and Piazzolla performed by world-class Polish and international artists. The theme of this year’s edition is dance, or ‘la danse’ in French. In the words of René Martin, the festival’s artistic director, ‘Dance, especially folk dance, has played a very important role in the development of classical music. If you listen carefully to famous concertos and symphonies, you’ll find elements of dance everywhere. Folk tradition has greatly influenced the oeuvre of all composers’. 

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