Opera Academy Presents: Affect and Effect

Concert concluding ENOA workshops 

Baroque was not only a time when opera developed, or when artists had a great penchant for ornamentation… Most of all, it was a time when a strong link between music and emotions formed, embodied by the doctrine of the affectations, or affects. For the subsequent enoa workshops, the Opera Academy goes baroque! With Matthias Rexroth, Ilia Korol, Eytan Pessen, and Krzysztof Garstka at the helm, the participants will seek new affects and effects.  

During the concert concluding the workshops, the audience will hear the greatest hits selected from the oeuvre of three most celebrated baroque composers: arias, duets and ensembles from Georg Friedrich Handel’s first big success in England, Rinaldo (1711); excerpts from all three operas of Claudio Monteverdi’s, including Orfeo, perhaps the first opera ever, as well as one of his intense madrigals – a beautiful lament based on the lament bass; a selection out of two masterpieces of Antonio VivaldiJuditha Triumphans (1716), his only extant oratorio (the remaining three are lost), and from his operatic hit Orlando Furioso (1727), a real ‘drama per musica’. As great final, a special collection of exceptional music from Georg Friedrich Handel’s great success and world famous opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto (1724).


Matthias Rexroth – countertenor (Opera Academy teacher) 
Anna Pavlov Pervanje – mezzo-soprano (Operosa/Belgrad)
Yulia Sokolik – mezzo-soprano (Festival Aix-en-Provence)

Opera Academy singers:
Justyna Ołów, Monika Buczkowska, Katarzyna Poździał – sopranos
Karolina Makuła, Marta Mika – mezzo-sopranos
Rafał Tomkiewicz – countertenor
Rafał Polek – baritone
Marcin Pawelec, Jasin Rammal-Rykała, Karol Skwara – basses

Ilia Korol – conductor, violinist 

Gradus ad Parnassum
Krzysztof Garstka – harpsichord, music director
Michał Piotrowski, Joanna Gręziak, Małgorzata Góraj, Anna Wcisło – violin 
Natalia Reichert – viola 
Maciej Łukaszuk – cello 
Anna Bator – double bass 
Magdalena Irmińska – flute 
Tytus Wojnowicz – oboe 
Klaudyna Żołnierek – lute, theorbo, baroque guitar 
Krzysztof Niezgoda – percussion instruments 

Edmund Whitehead (Opera Academy) – positive organ  


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