Polish Ballets

Eugeniusz Morawski / Robert Bondara | Aleksander Tansman / Jacek Tyski | Karol Szymanowski / Jacek Przybyłowicz

Ballet evening in three parts

Choreography: Robert Bondara
Music: Eugeniusz Morawski

Choreography: Jacek Tyski
Libretto: Alexandre Arnoux
Music: Aleksander Tansman (Sextuor)

Choreography: Jacek Przybyłowicz
Music: Karol Szymanowski

Premiere: 10 November 2017

Eugeniusz Morawski, Aleksander Tansman and Karol Szymanowski were outstanding Polish composers and co-creators of the musical landscape of the interwar period. Morawski studied both music and the visual arts. He was exiled to Siberia for his activity in the Revolutionary Faction of the Polish Socialist Party, but he managed to convert his sentence into emigration to Paris, where he continued his studies. After returning to Poland he became the chancellor of the Warsaw Conservatory of Music (a position previously held by Karol Szymanowski). Tansman, during his world tour in 1932–1933, was hosted and appreciated by such eminent figures as Mahatma Gandhi and the Japanese Emperor. He was also nominated for Oscar for his score to the film Paris Underground and maintained a close friendship with Igor Stravinsky. His ballet Sextuor was staged in 1927 in the New York Metropolitan Opera and conducted by maestro Tullio Serafin under an altered title: Tragedy of the Cello (the Teatr Wielki’s production is called On A Stave). Szymanowski was devoted both to music and literature – he travelled in order to broaden his knowledge (in Berlin he was influenced by Richard Strauss, in France – by Claude Debussy) and to search for inspiration – in Africa, in Sicily, but also in the Polish regions of Mazovia and Podhale. They were all citizens of the world and ambassadors of Polish music. Their works, arranged together in an evening entitled Polish Ballets and choreographed by three Polish choreographers portray the hope and energy of Poland after it regained independence in 1918. It is worth remembering, especially in view of the forthcoming anniversary of that event.



Polish National Ballet
Orchestra of the Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera


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