Symphonic concert (36)

14th International Music Festival
Chopin And His Europe
Warsaw, 9–31 August 2018 


Mieczysław Karłowicz:
Serenade for Strings, Op. 2
Violin concerto in A major, Op. 8
Stanisław i Anna Oświęcimowie [Stanisław and Anna Oświęcim], Op. 12 
Smutna opowieść [A sorrowful tale], Op. 13 


Anna Maria Staśkiewicz (violin)
Russian National Orchestra
Mikhail Pletnev (conductor)

Niepodległa: From Chopin to Paderewski

Niepodległa [Independent] became a shorthand for the official celebrations marking 100 years since Poland regained its sovereignty in 1918. It is also the theme of this year’s Chopin And His Europe Festival, which will also focus on two iconic Polish cultural figures, Chopin and Paderewski, whose respective oeuvres contributed to making Poland a free country. Living at a time when Poland’s independence seemed beyond the bounds of possibility, Chopin made his music into a fitting testament to Polish heritage. Paderewski personally contributed to the independence struggle, using his international stature to advance the Polish cause. Unfairly underappreciated by his compatriots as a composer, he left behind staggeringly beautiful, brilliant pieces, which the festival audience will now have a chance to rediscover. Both of the artists will serve as an inspiration to explore the richness of Polish music, both written under the foreign dominance in the 19th century and in independent Poland in the course of the 20th and 21st centuries. 


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