The Rite of Spring / Krzesany

Performance of Łódź Grand Theatre / 9th Days of Dance

Ballet evening in two parts


Choreography: Martha Graham  
Music: Igor Stravinsky


Choreography: Henryk Konwiński
Music: Wojciech Kilar 

Premiere: 18 June 2016


Conductor: Tadeusz Kozłowski

A double bill with exceptional music created by two brilliant composers. The Rite of Spring was inspired by beliefs and rituals of pagan Russia, while unique Polish highland folklore was the inspiration for Krzesany. Both compositions are remarkable – they require extraordinary precision as well as musical and choreographic imagination. This demanding music can be only matched by outstanding choreographies created by Martha Graham (The Rite of Spring) and Henryk Konwiński (Krzesany) and complemented by the great performance of the ballet company of the Łódź Grand Theatre. 


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