Tomasz Konieczny


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Initially he thought he would become an actor. He studied at the Łódź Film School, he appeared in a movie by Andrzej Wajda. He began his singing career as a bass. Today music critics around the world delight in his voice, referred to as a bass-baritone, which allows the artist to appear in much broader repertoire. He has sung many roles, but is considered primarily a specialist in Richard Wagner’s musical dramas. He masterfully interprets even the hardest roles, from Tristan and Lohengrin to those in the Ring Cycle. He is applauded in the capitals of the world for his beautiful voice, professional music performance and dramatic sense. His performances on opera stages, in concert with orchestra, in his recitals, as well as on his album recordings enchant the audience and music lovers. Tomasz Konieczny regularly appears not only on the leading stages of Europe, but also in the United States and Japan. He always find time for Warsaw in his full calendar, so he accepted the invitation to perform on our stage. We can be sure that the concert’s program will certainly include Richard Wagner’s music.


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