Ballet evening in two parts 
Celebrating the Bicentenary of Stanisław Moniuszko’s Birth

Based on Aleksander Fredro’s Revenge 
Choreography: Conrad Drzewiecki
Music: Stanisław Moniuszko (fantastic overture Fairy Tale)
Staging: Emil Wesołowski

Based on Aleksander Fredro’s comedy of the same title
Choreography: Anna Hop
Music: Stanisław Moniuszko (ballet music In the Quarters)
Set design and video projections: Małgorzata Szabłowska

Premiere: 6 April 2019, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera

‘I have never explored what constitutes significant happiness in a marriage. However, I think that two people should match each other like a pair of horses: an even gait, an even turn, equal fire – then the journey together is pleasant and far less of a drag. But when one is swift, and the other lazy, one is soft, and the other hardy, when one is pulling while the other is jumping – then the devil may take it!’ Here is Count Fredro at his best. Love affairs were one of his favourite themes. The lightness and zest with which he presented them, paired with the humorous yet mysterious, at times lyrical, and at times dramatic music by Moniuszko, is a perfect duo. We will hear the concert overture Fairy Tale – one of Moniuszko’s most celebrated pieces – while watching a ballet choreographed by the eminent Polish choreographer, Condrad Drzewiecki. The love theme known from Fredro’s Husband and Wife, combined with the ballet music In the Quarters staged by Anna Hop, will transport us into the world of romantic adventures. It is a colourful land of Moniuszko’s and Fredro’s comedy in its best incarnation.

Polish National Ballet
Orchestra of the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera



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