La Folle Journée de Varsovie – Smykofonia FUNGA ALAFIA! WELCOME, MY FRIEND! (1)

A New World


Yerba Mater:

Bart Pałyga overtone singing, strings)

Maciej Cierliński hurdy-gurdy, Arabic lyre

Sebastian Wielądek Oriental flutes, hurdy-gurdy, balafon

Barbara Derlak vocals, harp*

Piotr Malec Oriental percussion instruments*

Adriana Wdziękońska (Auntie Ada) host 

*guest performance 

Music brings people together, helps us make friends and express friendship, encourages us to play and work together. People all over the world have noticed the extraordinary power of music. We will find out how this works thanks to world music experts, the Yerba Mater ensemble. We will discover sounds, gestures and simple musical games from various countries.

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