La Folle Journée de Varsovie – Three by three

A New World



Ernest Bloch Three Nocturnes

Béla Bartók Romanian Dances

Ernest Bloch From Jewish Life 

Arnold Schoenberg Verklärte Nacht


Owon Trio 

Olivier Charlier violin

Sung-Won Yang cello

Emmanuel Strosser piano 

The 9th edition of the world’s largest classical music festival will arrive to Warsaw on the last weekend of September, having stopped over in France, Japan, and Russia. In the course of three festival days, the event’s 55 concerts will welcome nearly 1000 artists from across the globe. 

‘This year we focus on composers who left their home countries, either for political or personal reasons, searching for a new land to live and work in,’ says René Martin, the originator and artistic director of the festival. ‘In Warsaw, Poland, where we now celebrate 100 since the country regained its sovereignty, this theme has a special significance. For that reason, Polish music will be strongly present in the concert’s programmes,’ adds Janusz Marynowski, director of Sinfonia Varsovia.

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