Tomasz Konieczny
Premiere Preludes:
Moniuszko’s Symphonic Songbook

Concerts of music by composers whose operas open at Teatr Wielki in the 2018/19 season. 

Before Halka premieres on our small stage, Tomasz Konieczny will sing a concert of Moniuszko music on the main stage. 

This Premiere Prelude is a special treat for the devotees of Moniuszko, classical music aficionados, admirers of the talent of Tomasz Konieczny, and everybody interested in exploring the world of music. The internationally renowned singer will treat the audience to a familiar repertoire… served in a novel way! Konieczny will sing such well-known Moniuszko classics as Know Ye This Land, Cossack, The Old Man and The Old Woman, Old Corporal, or The Three Brothers Budrys… accompanied by an orchestra. The programmed also includes two symphony pieces: The Fairytale and the overture to Paria. Grzegorz Nowak conducts.

It is the only Moniuszko bicentenary event with this kind of programme!


Part 1

Overture to Paria
Dzwon zapustny
Kum i kuma
Dziad i baba

Mazurka from The Haunted Manor
Serce moje
Rozmowa (Kochanko moja)

Halka – Janusz’s recitativo and song


Part 2

Uwertura Bajka
Do Niemna (Niemnie, domowa rzeko)
Wyjazd na wojnę
Trzech Budrysów
Stary Kapral

Piosenka bez tytułu (Znasz-li ten kraj)

Premiere Preludes is series of concerts held on the eve of each opera opening in the Moniuszko Auditorium throughout the season. Offering a taste of less known works of the composer of the opera, sometimes in a novel context, they serve as an excellent introduction to the premiere at hand. 

The Preludes attract music lovers and opera enthusiasts seeking a beautiful music experience and a better understanding of pieces written for the stage. Featuring both chamber and symphonic works, and characteristic for their unique atmosphere, Preludes draw on the opera house’s significant concert tradition, providing a wider perspective on Teatr Wielki’s core programme.

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