Tomasz Konieczny
Premiere Preludes:
Moniuszko’s Symphonic Songbook

Concerts of music by composers whose operas open at Teatr Wielki in the 2018/19 season. 

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Ludomir Różycki – Piano Quintet in C minor Op. 35

Paweł Wakarecy – piano
Jakub Jakowicz – violin
Anna Maria Staśkiewicz – violin
Katarzyna Budnik – cello
Marcin Zdunik – cello

Premiere Preludes is series of concerts held on the eve of each opera opening in the Moniuszko Auditorium throughout the season. Offering a taste of less known works of the composer of the opera, sometimes in a novel context, they serve as an excellent introduction to the premiere at hand. 

The Preludes attract music lovers and opera enthusiasts seeking a beautiful music experience and a better understanding of pieces written for the stage. Featuring both chamber and symphonic works, and characteristic for their unique atmosphere, Preludes draw on the opera house’s significant concert tradition, providing a wider perspective on Teatr Wielki’s core programme.