Taking It Personally: Talking Moniuszko with Urszula Kryger

Agata Kwiecińska talks to artists about Moniuszko. 

Urszula Kryger, the winner of the 1st International Stanisaw Moniuszko Vocal Competititon, has been paying a lot of attention to Moniuszko’s music from the very start of her career. She included in the programmes of her recitals both the well-known songs and those performed rarely. 

During the meeting she will talk about her changing perception of Moniuszko’s work and the evolution of her take on its interpretation. She will also reflect on its significance today, wondering if his Songbooks for Home Use may come into use at Polish homes today.

The meeting is the first in the series Take It Personally: Talking Moniuszko that has artists talk about the composer of The Haunted Manor and the importance of his work. 

Number of places limited (50 seats available)


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