La Folle Journée de Varsovie:
Smykofonia TRAVELLING WITH A STOPOVER (12,14,18,22)

Travel Journals

For children aged 0–5


Longhair music doesn’t have to be hair-raising at all! Set up almost a quarter century ago in Nantes, La Folle Journée aims to do away with the stereotypical perceptions of classical music. The organisers have found a way to counter all the arguments of the reluctant. ‘I don’t go to symphony concerts because I can’t afford the tickets.’ Well, here is a chance to listen to great performances at a low price. ‘It’s not for me, I get bored quickly.’ La Folle Journée offers a multitude of concerts each just three quarters long. This year the festival’s motto is ‘travel journals’. Composers draw inspiration from their travel experiences (meeting other cultures), the experience of travel itself (‘Roads were made for journeys not destinations,’ as Confucius said), and the means of transport they use. ‘Let’s go on a music journey together,’ the festival seems to say. Let’s indeed!

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